Friends of Freeport NY

is a not-for-profit organization which includes individuals who have close ties to the Incorporated Village of Freeport. We have come together as a result of Hurricane Sandy to help in any way we can with personal recovery. We are committed to getting people back into their homes and to help them continue their lives after Sandy. We are on
a mission to make a difference in  people’s lives and move the community  forward. We plan to make this a long term venture by continuing our work in Freeport after people have recovered from Hurricane Sandy and the initial rush of support has dried up. We are not affiliated with any religious or political organization. We are simply a group of people that want to make a difference

Click on video to see what we're all about !!!

Our Very Own Henry Lenahan - RIP

It is with many heavy hearts that Friends of Freeport announce the passing of a very special man. Henry Lenahan has been a part of the Friends of Freeport team since day one. He was a life long Freeport resident who put his own Sandy ravaged home aside so he could help his neighbors. He brought his strength, knowledge and smile to every job site, and there wasn't anything he wasn't willing to do. His big yet gentle presence will be sorely missed.

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